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The Ad Review Center for AdSense is now more ?powerful’ as it has been overhauled by Google. Publishers now have more control over the ads showing up on their sites.

Google said that these changes were being brought in following the feedback of webmasters desiring better control. As Google said, “The new Ad review center will show you ads of all targeting types (contextual, interest-based, and placement) that have appeared on your pages, and allow you to review them. With placement-targeted ads, you can still review them before they show up on your site. And now, rather than grouping ads together, you can make decisions on individual ads to control what appears on your site at a granular level.”

Now publishers can review and block the future display of ads appearing on their pages. Once you block some ads, Google will use the information about these ads and will highlight the ads that might offend for the publisher.

The changes made to the Ad Review center allow for better efficiency too. Webmasters will now get to see the ads that are getting the highest number of impressions on their pages first. In the case of reviewing placement-targeted ads, Google will show the ones likely to get the highest number of impressions on the pages. Since the ads not receiving or even likely to receiving any impressions on the site won’t appear in the tool, webmasters will focus on reviewing only the chosen ads that their visitors see. The ads will be magnified or full-size, this means details on the ad creative can now be seen in a better manner.

Webmasters using the previous version of the Ad Review tab can expect the new capabilities in a few days. For the first timers, Google says, “If you haven’t yet enabled this feature yet, visit the Allow & block ads tab to get started.” What do you think of these new ?power’ changes, do share your views.


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