• Google Announces Release of the Keyword Optimizer Sample App
    [March 16, 2016] Google announced the release of the Keyword Optimizer sample app for the AdWords API, which combines functionalities of Keyword Planner and the API services for keyword suggestion and traffic estimation. Timo Bozsolik from the AdWords API team explains in a post on the Google Ads Developer blog: Starting from an initial set of seed keywords […]
  • Four Chrome Extensions for SEO You Should Install
    [February 5, 2016] There are a TON of SEO specific tool extensions that exist already. And most of them do the same thing as the others. However, when it comes to working online nothing can make your job easier than plugins/addons for your browser to help speed things along outside of the routine SEO toolbars. I recently came […]
  • Microsoft Unveils New Minecraft Doding Tutorial
    [November 20, 2015] Microsoft has teamed up with Mojang AB and Code.org to unveil a new Minecraft coding tutorial for students and educators. It was created for the Hour of Code campaign that encourages global participation in computer science – part of Computer Science Week, which runs December 7 – 13. You don’t have to wait for that […]
  • Pinterest Is Making It Easier To Make Pin Buttons With New Update
    [October 8, 2015] Pinterest announced that it has updated its developer site to make it easier for people to build their own Pin It buttons. There’s a simple widget builder that lets you create buttons/widgets to add to your site or app. You can quickly grab code for the Pin It Button, the Follow Button, the Board Widget, […]
  • Google Is Getting Rid Of Their CSV Download Scripts
    [September 1, 2015] Earlier this month, Google announced the Search Analytics API to make the data from the Search Analytics feature in Google Search Console accessible for developers. The company said it wanted to help people bake search performance data into their apps and tools.
  • What To Do On WordPress: A SEO Checklist
    [July 30, 2015] WordPress is a content management platform that today powers more than 60 million websites. Setting SEO trends with mobile-responsive themes, it is a responsive platform that offers seamless user experience and promotes social interactions. Here is a useful infographic by .ME on SEO checklist for WordPress powered websites.
  • The Beta For Google Container Is Now Open
    [June 26, 2015] Google announced the beta release of Google Container Engine and the general availability of Google Container Registry. Container Engine enables you to run Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform, powered by Kubernetes. Container Engine schedules containers based on the needs you’ve declared on a cluster of virtual machines.
  • Bing Working To Create Better Mobile Apps
    [May 29, 2015] Bing is trying to make it easier for mobile application developers to get their apps found in search results. It’s expanding its “Actions Intelligence” to Bing and other Bing-powered search products, such as Cortana, and creating a “massive” index of apps and app actions.
  • Facebook Introduces Page Plugin, Users Must Switch From Like Box Plugin
    [April 24, 2015] A few years back, Facebook launched the Like Box plugin as one way for websites to generate more engagement from Facebook users by showing content from their Facebook pages, and showing them other people who have liked the page. The company is now shutting the plugin down.
  • Google Clears More Air About The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm!
    [March 26, 2015] Google’s mobile friendly algorithm that is going to make its debut on 21st April will be on a page-by-page and real time basis, but how long will it take to roll out on a global level?
  • Make Sure You Are Still Building Up Quality Links
    [February 25, 2015] There is a common misconception that links don’t matter in today’s algorithms. And while that may be true of one of the not-so-major search engines, it certainly isn’t true of the big two where links still matter: Google and Bing.
  • Google Notifies Webmasters To Make Their Sites Mobile-Friendly
    [January 23, 2015] Google is dispatching mass scale warnings to non-mobile friendly websites, indicating that new mobile algorithm may be coming soon. As revealed by Search Engine Roundtable, the notifications are sent through email and webmaster tools warning sites that their incompatibility with mobiles will cause ranking issues for them.
  • Weekly Infographic: Popular SEO & Social Media WordPress Plugins!
    [December 12, 2014] Is your website or blog created on WordPress? If yes, are you leveraging on the wordpress plugins that are available? WordPress is the most popular website platform and have tons of plugins available to make your job easier. The BestPlugins team has put together the list of its favourite SEO & Social Media plugins.
  • John Mueller from Google Confirms Penguin Update Still Rolling!
    [November 5, 2014] When the Google Penguin 3.0 was rolled out, John Mueller told that he expected to see rankings begin to start to settle down in a couple of week’s time. However, in the recent Google Webmaster Help Hangout, Mueller told that the update is still operational.
  • To Hack or not to Hack – Why “Hackathon”?
    [October 8, 2014] The term “Hacker” has been somewhat abused by the media, such that many may now view it as a derogatory term. It has often been used by media to describe criminals who infect systems and breach networks.
  • Taking Advantage Of Google’s HTTPS and SSL Rule Change
    [September 11, 2014] Google shook the webmaster world with its HTTPS announcement. Guest blogger John Feeney tells us what WordPress site owners should do to take advantage of Google’s announcement. Google is constantly changing its algorithm to reflect what it believes to be the best ranking signals for websites in the search results. The search engine understands how […]
  • Mueller States The Next Google Penguin Update Isn’t Ready
    [August 15, 2014] In a recent Webmaster Central hangout on Google Plus, John Mueller was asked whether the Google Penguin update could be pushed into the search results to allow the affected ones to see whether they have recovered even a bit. Mueller answered that the update is not ready to be rolled out yet.
  • Make More Money Using Google Play
    [July 18, 2014] If you thought Google was done posting videos from Google I/O sessions last week, think again. They’ve uploaded a new batch to YouTube about a variety of developer topics, mostly related to developing for Google’s various platforms.
  • Facebook’s Paper App Receives New Features
    [June 17, 2014] Facebook launched a blog for its Paper app in April, announcing the version 1.1 update, which introduced support for birthdays and events, photo comments, group updates, and nine new article covers. The company just put up the blog’s second post to announce another update – version 1.2. This time, it gets profile pic and cover […]
  • During Link Cleanup, Don’t Forget Links to Redirected Domain Names
    [May 16, 2014] One of several search engine optimization tasks that I am involved with is cleaning up a website’s link profile. With the Google Penguin algorithm update affecting so many websites, I have personally be involved in cleaning up a LOT of websites’ link profiles. So much so that I’ve quickly become the resident expert at cleaning […]
  • This Has to Be the Worst Excuse for Charging for Link Removals
    [April 18, 2014] One of the tasks that I help website owners with is cleaning up their website’s backlinks. If a site has been penalized by Google, or the website has been penalized by the Google Penguin algorithm update, then it’s necessary to take the time to try to get the low quality and toxic links that are […]
  • Google Opens Android Wear to Developers – Video of Preview SDK
    [March 20, 2014] Finally some wearable tech from Google… check it out! Android Wear extends the Android platform to wearables, starting with a familiar form factor — watches. Download the developer preview at: developer.android.com/wear. And yes indeed, this technology is going to be HUGE for the Geo developer!!
  • Google Recommends Users Not To Block Google Ads Destination URLs
    [February 17, 2014] As a recent update in the Webmaster Guidelines Document, Google recommends users not to block the Google ads destination URL with robots.txt file. In contrast to the previous guideline, the new text in the Technical Guidelines section says, “Make efforts to ensure that a robots.txt file does not block a destination URL for a Google […]
  • Google Publisher Plugin For WordPress Released
    [January 20, 2014] Google has announced the beta release of official Google Publisher Plugin, which will provide new functionalities to WordPress websites of publishers. For a long time, publishers were looking for an easy way to work with the Google products within the platform.
  • Virante Releases New Google Authority Tool
    [December 30, 2013] In the age of new semantic web, authority of an author plays an important role in determining the value of the content. Although, Google has not introduced any author rank yet, Virante & Mark Traphagen have come up with their own Author Rank tool that will help authors in assessing their authority & value.